Defense Lawyer

Do you have a criminal case being built against you? Are you looking for a lawyer who will properly represent your case? If you answered yes to these questions, then be sure to reach out to us here at The Law Offices of Eugene Carson. We are a well-established law firm that has experience working with all types of criminal cases. Our office is just a short drive from San Bernardino, CA, but we also work with numerous clients from across Rancho Cucamonga, Corona, Ontario, and other nearby cities.

There is nothing more stressful than having pending criminal charges. Any wrong move and you can find yourself either in jail or paying a large settlement fee. At The Law Offices of Eugene Carson, we understand criminal law. As your defense lawyer, you can count on us to make sure you get the representation you deserve. It’s proven that defendants who hire an attorney are more likely to see a favorable outcome. We can help lessen your punishment, or in some cases, even have your case thrown out. Our firm will represent you from start to finish.

When you hire a defense lawyer, you need someone you can reach at all times. Here at The Law Offices of Eugene Carson, there will always be someone available to take your call. During your initial consultation, we will be certain to gather all the evidence and facts we need to build a strong case in your favor. Our clients are important to us, and we want to make sure you get the highest level of service from us at all times. If you ever need a criminal lawyer in San Bernardino, CA or another nearby city, then be sure to get in touch with The Law Offices of Eugene Carson. There is always someone ready to take your call and discuss your case.